There are two Student bodies in the college- the Students’ Union Patkai Christian College (SUPCC) and Post Graduate Students’ Welfare Council (PGSWC). Formed with an aim to maintain a vibrant relation between the college authority and the student community, both are committed to transparency, accountability and advancement of the interests of the students in particular and the college at large. The two bodies ensure that the students co-operate and participate in the activities beneficial to oneself and the college. They have parliamentary sittings and meetings where they come up with decisions and requests that are put across to the concerned authority for necessary action. This practice has proved to be helpful for the college management in gauging the needs and desires of the students. The Student bodies also have meetings with the BOT, Principal, and Alumni Association whenever the situation demands. The functioning of the student bodies are carried out under the supervision and guidance of the Students’ Advisor who is the Dean of Students and a senior faculty.

Patkai is known for the extravagant functions that the students get to organize throughout the year. There is the Annual Social which is an occasion that welcomes the freshers and bids adieu to the outgoing students. Then, the Annual Week- a weeklong gala event hosts the cultural fest, literary competitions, sporting events etc. There are also inter-hostel tournaments happening almost every month. In all these events, the student bodies take up the responsibility of organising and managing the events and, in the process enable students to hone their talents and leadership skills.

Being located in a residential area functioning administratively, academically, spiritually/morally and socially, the student bodies have proved to be a boon to the college authority in disciplining of the fellow students. Students through the student bodies take up mentoring roles of the younger ones, thus helping them to stay out of problems and at the same time, receive guidance for proper conduct in academic and other matters. Students also assist the wardens in monitoring and overseeing the functioning of the Mess. These students represents the student community in meetings concerning to changes (or hike) in the structure of Mess Fees etc. Such practices help the college authority to devise plans even for improvement in matters concerning the mess. In the academic front too, an alumnus is a student representative in the Board of Studies (BOS) of all the departments who bring in the view of the students directly. Thus, changes in the syllabus are done after a careful hearing and analysis of the students’ perspectives by the concerned department members of the BOS. 

The interest of the students is at the heart of the college, and all matters related to their interests- academic teaching-learning, the hostel administration, library, general administration, social programs and functions, discipline matters etc. – are fine-tuned and handled with care with students’ participation.