Students mentoring and counselling programme is by far one of the best practices of the College in grooming the students into men and women of value. The IQAC kept its goal as “Students Mentoring Activity” to be of top priority in the year 2017 – 2018. Along with the mentoring activity undertaken by the college faculties, the college has three (3) trained counsellors who take up Counselling activity rigorously. Students who enter the college with little understanding of the complex landscape of higher education, its purpose and unsure of what they would do with their graduate degrees are well directed to academic excellence and ideal career pathways through mentoring. The modus-operandi of mentoring in the college is briefly highlighted in the following lines. The Head of Departments (HoDs) of the each department is fully entrusted to carry out compulsory mentoring each semester. The HoDs allocate each teacher a certain numbers of students to be mentored. The concern teacher finds out suitable time to meet up the students either in group or individuals. There is no uniformity in the pattern of mentoring, and mentoring is mostly carried out on a one-on-one interactive basis. The major areas of coverage by the mentors are; the student’s characters, academic performance, and career opportunities. Special attention is given to those students having low attendance and academic performance. Students are given opportunities to share their personal problems and experiences. Mentoring is not a onetime activity; rather, it is carried out on need basis. The students are made to feel free and are opened for discussion on any matter they deemed essential for any guide. To maintain trust and confidence of the students and keep them in close contact, their personal details are also sought by the teachers. Students felt great about mentoring as they have someone to relay on and share their minds and get proper guidance through mentoring. The benefit of mentoring is that, till date we have many of our passed students who would keep in constant touch with their teachers updating their status. Many of our students on fulfilling their dreams have become responsible citizens today. The college proudly shares the success of its students and attributes all the success and glory to the tireless care and nurturing given by dedicated team of faculties. As for Counselling, the Counsellors engage students on need-base voluntary basis. In an age of distractions and internet boom, many young people all over the world have become disillusioned. The situation for students at Patkai will not be different. Bogged down by different kinds of pressures and the quest for excellence in all areas, sometimes, there is a tendency for young people to become disillusioned and go wayward. Aside, some students come from backgrounds where love and appreciation is not received in ample measure. For such students, the college becomes a ray of hope to unload their overwhelming emotions or frustrations. This is where the role of counsellors so distinctively comes in.   The college also offers a Certificate Course on Counselling as value-added course.