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Promotion of Research

The Research Committee since 2011 has been carrying out its objectives in the form of promoting research, talk symposiums, research consultancy, writings and publications by scholars. Its main task is to convene meetings of all PhD degree holders of the college and prompt them in applying research related activities through various funding agencies. It also initiates minor research projects, organises research activities, writer’s workshop, intellectual debates, seminars, and is currently developing the Indo-Myanmar Tribal Research Centre (IMTRC). 

In 2018, the college established the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell, and signed a MOU with the Patent Information Centre (PIC), Nagaland Science and Technology Council Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Nagaland in 2019. The main aim of the IPR Cell is to create awareness about matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights among students, researchers and faculty. The IPR facilitates and guides students and researchers on IPR filing to PIC and NASTEC. It also organizes awareness programs in collaboration with PIC, NASTEC in the campus and affiliated colleges.  

There is dissertation writing for students in the PG departments of Environmental Science, Geology and Political Science, and in Philosophy UG programme under the guidance of the college faculty in the concerned area of study. Research Methodology is offered as a separate course at the PG level for equipping the students with future research endeavours. The Research committee also publishes an annual research peer reviewed journal of the college namely Patkai Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (PJMS).


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Political Science Research Committee

Ecosystem in the College

Reasearch papers published

Sl. No.Title of Book/Paper and Author
1.Impact of Social Media on Entertainment Industry and their Mediated Culture – A study among students of Patkai Christian College, Chumukedima-Seithekema, Nagaland. (Author – Wahengbam Rojenn, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication)
2.Organic Carbon-Heteroatom Cross-coupling Reactions Mediated by Supported Transition Metal-based Catalysts (Co-Author – Merangmenla, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
3.Spectroscopic Investigation (IR & NMR) and HOMO-LUMO Analysis of Aromatic Imimes using Theoretical Approach (Co-Author – Merangmenla, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
4.Democracy in Nagaland: Tribes, Traditions, Tensions – (Book co-edited by Zhoto Tunyi, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science)
5.Exploring civil society in Nagaland – (Author – Zhoto Tunyi, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science)
6.Impediments in empowering women among the Chakhesang Nagas – (Author – Razoukhrulu Curhah, Assistant Professor, Department of Education)
7.Computational Chemistry of Lanthanide Spectra – Application in Theoretical Analysis – (Co-Author – Moaienla Ao, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
8.Significance of Lanthanides and its interaction with nucleic acid – (Co-Author – Bendangsenla Imchen, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
9.Democratic Values and Traditional Practices: Gendering Electoral Politics in Nagaland – (Co-Author – Renchumi Kikon Kuotsu, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science)
10.The North-Eastern Region vis-a-vis the ‘Act East’ Policy of India: Reflections from the ground – (Author – A.G. Samuel, Assistant Professor, Deparment of Political Science)
11.Women storytellers building relations in border markets – (Author – Dakter Esse, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication)
12.Role of Media and Social Support Groups (Silmee Lup) in the prevention of substance abuse: A study among the youth of Ghari, Imphal-West District, Manipur State – (Co-Author – Wahengbam Rojenn, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication)
13.Are women organisations in Nagaland movement organisations? A brief study of the Naga Mothers Association, Naga Women Hoho and the Miklat Ministry – (Author -Renchumi Kikon Kuotsu, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science)


Sr. NoTitle of dissertation and Author
1.Familial Ethics: A Christian Perspective (Author-Alonika K. Achumi)
2.Nirvana: The Ultimate Liberation(Author-Pougai Panmei)
3.Terrorism: A Philosophical Enquiry(Author- Myanthung N. Mozhui)
4.Abortion: Christian Perspective(Author–Nighatoli Chophy)
5.Aesthetic of Music(Author- Imlisasen Aier)
6.Religious Pluralism: A Christian Evangelical Perspective(Author-Kukhrulu Vero)
7.Revelation: A Critical Analysis(Author- Veto Zhimo)
8.Apologetics and New Atheism: A Philosophical Outlook(Author- Runwang Wangsu)




Sr. NoTitle of dissertation and Author
1.Microbial activity in soil during the decomposition of rice straw (Litoni Kiho)
2.Biodegradation of bamboo leaf litter in soil (Author- Meribeni Tsopoe)
3.Microbial activity in soil during the decomposition of alder leaf litter (Author- Mhalevonuo Suokhrie)
4.Ecology and taxonomy of pteridophytes found on Patkai Christian College campus (Author- Nokenketba Ao)
5.Indigenous knowledge of important non-conventional food crops in Nagaland (Author- Renthunglo Martha Kikon)
6.Evaluation of farmers perception in relation to climate change and strategies to reduce its impact in agriculture (Author- Ronald Nagi)
7.Evaluation of traditional methods used in bamboo shoot preservation in Lonsa village of Wokha (Author- Rosemary)
8.Sound absorption by upland paddy at different stages of growth (Author- Temsu Longkumer )
9.Microbial activity in soil during the decomposition of rice husk (Author- Vinoli Swu)
10.Seasonal and monthly trends of temperature over Nagaland during twentieth century.(Author- Yimkumsangba Walling)
11.Assessment of the water quality of Chuzaru river utilizing macroinvertebrate assemblage (Author- Kuwe Losou)
12.Influence of habitat quality on physico-chemical parameters of Chuzaru river water (Author- Esther Puro)
13.Ground water quality assessment based on physical parameters and elemental concentration in Signal Angami Bosti of Dimapur town (Author- David Changko)
14.Impact of land slide- A case study in and around Viswema village of Kohima district (Author- Verilu Vero)





Title of dissertation and Author

  1. Analysis of relative humidity trends in Nagaland during last twenty years. (Author- Avituo)
  2. Investigation on invasive plants and their environmental impact in Seithekema area
    (Author-Ekonthung Lotha)
  3. Solid waste production and management in Zunheboto town. (Author- Eunice K Chishi)
  4. Effect of waste water irrigation on the performance of important crops.
    (Author- Hitoli A Zhimomi )
  5. Biomedical waste management in Dimapur hospitals. (Author- Hoto Kinimi)
  6. Analysis of rainfall pattern during last fifteen years in Nagaland. (Author- Huvezo Thingo)
  7. Impact of stone crushing industry on ambient air pollution in Chumukedima area
    (Author- Imsulong )
  8. Air pollution in human habitats and industrial work places in Dimapur. (Author- Kali Chophy)
  9. Medicinal plants and their use in traditional health system in Dimapur.
    (Author- Kananto K Yepthomi )
  10. Evaluation of noise levels in human and natural habitats. (Author- Khriezhatuo Khezhie)
  11. Impact of tourism on socio-economic development of Diezephe village (Author- Khruto Dozo)
  12. Analysis of cloud coverage trends during past two decades in Nagaland.
    (Author- Limasungba Jamir)
  13. Seasonal variations in water quality parameters in Chüzarü stream. (Author- Maushami Sen)
  14. Landslide hazard zonation from Patkai bridge to Lalmati. (Author- Mharemo Odyuo)
  15. Environmental impacts of bamboo with emphasis on socio-economic aspects in Dimapur
    (Author-. P. Lanuchuba)
  16. Evaluation of prey-predator relationship in protected ecosystem (Author- Puloka )
  17. Survey of ground water quality in Dimapur. (Author- Renjamo Khuvung)
  18. Succession in jhum fields in foot hills of Nagaland. (Author- Samuel T)
  19. Evaluation of the nature of automobile emission and ambient air pollutants (Author- Savino)
  20. Solid waste management: A case study of Patkai Christian College campus.
    (Author- Thejavizo Benedict)
  21. Effect of different organic residues on the growth of earthworm during vermicomposting.
    (Author- Vibovi S Jimomi)