The Library defined

The Library is the soul of every educational institution. Part of reason for poor education in our land is the non existence of proper libraries in most of our elementary and high schools. Even most of the colleges in Nagaland and Manipur do not have a library worth the name. From each inception Patkai was determined to provide decent library facilities. However, during the first year hundreds of books were simply piled up in one room in the women’s hostel, which was built with bamboo and thatch. Quite a few books were either damaged by damp weather or eaten up by rats. Some were also stolen. In 1976 as small permanent bricks house was built and the books were shifted there, though the reading room could accommodate hardly 25-30 persons at a time. In The mean time we continued to collect books and periodicals. A real breakthrough came when, with the financial assistant of EZE and ICCO, a much larger and modern library building was build. In 1991, we occupied the new library which now has over 24000 books in addition to dozens of periodicals and magazines. Our present library stack room has permanent shelves to store up to 50000 volumes. Patkai library also houses the indo Burma tribal research centers which already has collected 500 books written on tribal. We hope to provide thousands of volumes on tribal religion, culture, history, economy, politics etc. for young researches on tribal. The library has enough reading rooms to accommodate over a hundred persons at a time.