Patkai Christian College is spread across two (2) Campuses. The total built-up area of the college has 69 Classrooms, 1 (one) Library building, 5 (five) Conference Halls, I (one) Auditorium cum Chapel, and 41 Laboratories that are well ventilated and lit with adequate computing equipments and commendable ICT facilities. The college is in possession of several facilities used for teaching-learning purposes which are listed below:

Department of Botany

  • Mushroom unit
  • Floriculture unit
  • Well- equipped laboratory

Department of Chemistry

  • 3 nos. well equipped laboratories

Department of Computer Science

  • 3 nos. well equipped laboratories

Department of Environmental Science

  • 1 no. well equipped laboratory

Department of Geology

  • 3 nos. well equipped laboratories
  • Museum

Department of Mathematics

  • Well- equipped computer lab with internet facility

Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication

The department has well equipped studio with shooting and editing facilities such as:

  • Editing suite
  • Video and audio equipments
  • Projector and studio lights
  • Go- Pro
  • Light reflectors
  • Green screen and white screen
  • Sound recording
  • News reading desk

Department of Physics

  • 3 nos. well equipped laboratories

Department of Zoology

  • 3 nos. well- equipped laboratories
  • Museum
  • Aquarium lab

Margaret Shishak School of Music 

  • 16 practice rooms
  • 1 study room
  • 1 computer lab with internet facilities
  • 6 teachers studios
  • 1 library, Recital Hall
  • 1 recording room
  • 1 piano lab
  • 1 kitchen

UGC Resource Centre

  • 46 nos. computer with internet facilities
  • 2 nos. Printing and photocopy machine

College Library

  • Printing and Photocopy machine
  • Computers with internet facilities for the librarians

Examination Department:

  • Personal Computer for all the officials and staff with internet facilities
  • Scanning machine
  • Printing and photocopy machine

IT Facilities

Although situated in a rural setting, the college strives to update itself in IT infrastructure to enhance effective teaching-learning and administrative management, and in access to information. Each academic department is provided with a computer and internet facility. The teachers use these facilities to prepare lectures, power point presentations, download study materials, conduct practical classes, etc. The computers (48 nos.) in the UGC resource centre are kept under the custody of an office assistant (technical). Students can use them for browsing and downloading study materials, for writing assignments, preparing for class seminars, etc. free of cost. A nominal amount is charged for printing and photocopying the downloaded materials.


In an untiring effort to achieve its vision, the college upgrades its IT facilities on a regular basis to meet the current technological requirements. The college has procured ERP software in its move towards the usage of Information and Communication Technology at all levels of interaction with the stakeholders. This system will help the college to collect, store and manage all data efficiently with all departments and units of the college.


The use for ICT enabled teaching tools enhanced to a great extent during academic sessions conducted amidst the pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020 — 2021. With a view to enable teachers use ICT enabled tools including online resources for effective teaching and learning process, the college has commendable IT infrastructure connected with high Internet connectivity in more than 25 allotted rooms which double up as ICT classrooms. During online class, the attendance marking system for students has been computerized that generates the attendance of each student on a daily basis.


  • 10 room/classrooms in Admin Block (Upstairs classroom – 3, Mass Communication -2, IPR – 1, Dean of Social Science Office – 1, Dean of Students Office – 1, Alumni Office – 1, UGC room – 1
  • 13 rooms/classrooms in Science Block (Physics – 3, Zoology – 3, Math lab – 2, Chemistry – 1, Botany – 2, Geology – 1, Environmental Sc. – 1)
  • 3 rooms/classrooms in MSSM

Apart from the conventional lecture method, the faculty use multiple interactive methods for teaching like group discussions, quiz, tests, assignments, debate, presentations, Viva -Voce, animation clips, video clippings, audio system, and use of online sources to expose the students for advanced knowledge and practical learning.


In addition to this, various platforms of apps are being used by the faculty members like Zoom, Google classroom, Eklavvya, and Mastersoft. Some of the faculties take extra classes from home, and share screen, video, audio, PPT, e- book, notes, Slides shares and compiled books.


Every faculty member creates a WhatsApp group with different batches for interface and discussion with students for academic purposes.


The examination department has been conducting exams effortlessly even before the college adopted the usage of ERP. All exam related matter: submission of application; payment of fees and; declaration of results have all been made online.


Presently, the finance and accounts section of the College is also maintained with help of staff who are trained operation of the ERP. In this way, the administration and financial management are completely computerized.


Since 2021, the admission process of the college has also been covered with the ERP enabling checking of applications, selection of students, and correspondence with the applicants more accessible and efficient.


The Library also makes use of Management Software to keep track of the books and journals.