The Alumni Association Patkai Christian College (AAPCC) was formed to foster long term relationships among the alumni in institutional building. The main objective of the AAPCC includes planning, implementing and promoting alumni programs that support the college. Its strategy is to establish and build relationships with alumni by serving as the point of contact for all matters related to alumni affairs, and to maintain regular communication with alumni. The alumni association is actively and successfully playing a major role in the overall development of the college. The Practice:  Patkai’s 7000 plus Alumni (Patkains) are spread all over the country and across the globe. AAPCC plays an active role in being a bridge between the alumni communities across the globe with the alma mater. AAPCC engages itself in organizing meetings and get-togethers. The AAPCC organize the Alumni Sunday in the 1st Sunday of February, where all alumni are invited to come together once a year. The executive members of the AAPCC meet regularly to discuss and take up developmental activities of the college. Over the years the association has supported many noble causes of the college. Alumni involvement in the growth and continued leadership of the college is visible especially in the different decision making committees including the Board of Trustees. Since 1974, many alumni are placed in good positions in government and top organizations in India and abroad. Many of them come forward regularly to offer their help to the college in various ways, especially towards infrastructural development of the College.  Some of the main annual activities of the alumni Association: 
  1. Tuisem A. Shishak Annual Lecture
  2. Felicitation of an alumnus who has significantly distinguished themselves in various fields and to give students a feel of the latest developments in different fields.
  3. Felicitation programme for toppers from all departments. 
  4. Interactive sessions with out-going UG and PG students in the month of January to create awareness on AAPCC. 
  5. Alumni Day is being observed every first Sunday of February.
  6. Periodical General meeting and audit of accounts 
  7. College T-shirt project 
  8. Community service
  9. Recreational activity through AAPCC fishery 
  10. Cleanliness drive in the campus.
  11. Tri-annual Alumni get- together.
Ongoing Projects of the Alumni Association:  1. Road Construction of the 1.4 km stretch of road from the Old Campus till the New Campus  2. Maintenance of Dr. Atai Memorial Children Park.  3. Maintenance of AAPCC fishery. 4. Management and running the College Cafeteria to generate revenue for college developmental activities. The future: The College administration and AAPCC are in consultation process where the college will have a dedicated fulltime Alumni Director headed by an Alumnus to foster long term relationships and act as a bridge between the alumni communities across the globe with the alma mater. AAPCC has also plans to initiate endowment funds, scholarships and prizes for the students through contributions from the alumni community in the near future, and to conduct periodical alumni reunions.