Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, class rooms, etc.


All science departments are directly under the supervision of the Dean of Sciences. The Dean convenes meetings of all science Heads of departments at regular intervals to make plans and bring out routines for laboratory activities and practical classes. The laboratory equipments and instruments are taken care of by the laboratory assistants and laboratory bearers. Requirements of new or additional items are listed by the laboratory assistants in consultations with the department teachers, and the HODs take it up with the Dean of Sciences, who in turn, forward it to the management authority for procurement. The laboratory assistants and bearers are responsible for keeping the laboratory neat and clean. They also maintain a record of the inventory of the department.


The Library Committee looks after the administration of the library. The committee is headed by the librarian, with senior teachers from different academic departments as members. The principal of the college and the librarian are permanent members of the committee, whereas the other members have a 3 years term. Feed backs and suggestions from students and teachers are deliberated upon during the committee meetings. Decision for changes in the process of utilization of library facilities, if necessary, and improvements aimed at maximum benefit for students and teachers are taken during the periodic meetings of the committee. Academic departments send the list of new books to be purchased through the HODs to the librarian, who in turn, forward it to the purchase committee and the final approval is given by the principal. Downloading, printing and photocopying of study materials are provided to the students at nominal rate.

Sports Complex

The faculty in charges (one male and one female) of games and sports look after the facilities like foot ball and cricket grounds, basket ball and volley ball courts, swimming pool, indoor stadium and multi gym. These two officers are responsible for the smooth conduct of all games and sports activities of the college, which is an annual affair of the students. They appoint some other faculty members to assist them whenever necessary. The students are always encouraged to use the facilities and participate actively in games and sports for their physical and mental developments, and to be in good health.


The Head of every academic department is responsible for the safe keeping of the computers and printers in their respective departments. Teachers as well as students are encouraged to utilize the computer facilities, which help the college towards paperless works.

The teachers use these facilities to prepare lectures, power point presentations, download study materials, conduct practical classes, etc.

The computers (48 nos.) in the UGC resource centre are kept under the custody of an office assistant (technical). Students can use them anytime for browsing and downloading study materials, for writing assignments, preparing for class seminars, etc. free of cost. A nominal amount is charged for printing and photocopying the downloaded materials.

Class Rooms

The rooms for theory classes are allotted to each academic department based on the students’ enrolment in that particular subject. The students and teachers of each academic department take care of the class rooms allotted to them. Structural maintenance is done by the college management authority and; the works are supervised by the campus superintendant and work supervisor. The college encourages optimum use of class rooms for teaching and learning exercises.

Hostels/ Study Rooms

Hostel administration functions under the hostel wardens. They report directly to the Dean of Students, who is responsible for the overall welfare of the students. Each hostel has a student monitor to assist the warden in maintaining and adhering to the hostel rules and regulations, by the hostellers. The hostel mess is managed by one senior warden, along with one senior student, on rotation basis. A senior faculty is appointed by the principal to act as the mess commissioner, who supervises the mess management of all the hostels. The mess commissioner and the dean of students oversee the cleanliness and hygienic condition of the kitchens and dining halls. There is a study room attached to every hostel, and study time is strictly maintained under the direct observation of the hostel wardens.