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1. Chairperson: Principal (Head of the Institution)
2. Teachers to represent all levels (three to eight):
(i) Dr.Reingamla Tetso- Member, Steering Committee
(ii) Mrs.Akangsenla- Member, Steering Committee
(iii) Mr.Milan Kumar Singha- Member, Steering Committee
(iv) Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar, Senior Assistant Professor
(v) Mr. Mhao Tungoe, Senior Assistant Professor
(vi) Dr. Utpal Mishra, Senior Assistant Professor
(vii) Mr.Zingrin A. Shishak, Music Dept.
(viii) Dr.Timothy Langwangbe, Commerce
(ix) Dr. Dakter Esse, Mass Communication
3. Member from the Management: Vice- Principal
4. Few Senior Administrative Officers:
(i)Dean, Music department
(ii)Controller of Exams
(iii)Dean of Students
5. One nominee from local society: Mr. Razovotuo Chatsu, OSD, PCC and Chairman, Chumoukedima Village Council
6. One nominee from Students: Mr. Nuvose, M.Sc, 3rd Sem, Geology department
7. One nominee from Alumni: Ms. Losa Kaisii, Senior Asst. Professor
8. One nominee from employers: Dr. Kevingulie Khro, Treasurer, Board of Trustees
9. One nominee from industrialists: Dr. Sedevi, CIHSR
10.One nominee from stakeholders: Ms. Neilevono Vupru
11.One of the senior teachers as the coordinator of the IQAC: Dr.Renchumi Kikon Kuotsu

NSS Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Mr.Bendangnungsang (Philosophy)
(ii)Ms. Amongla (Geology)

NCC Caretaker Officers:

(i) Mr. Wetshete Thopi (ANO)
(ii)Ms. Ruokoneino Ziekhru

Red Cross Club Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Dr.Premkumar Singh (Botany)
(ii)Dr. Bendangsenla (Chemistry)

Red Ribbon Club Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Dr.T.Moainla Ao (Chemistry)
(ii)Dr.Thokchom Devala Devi (Geology)

Gender Champion Club/Women Cell Faculty-in-charge:

Ms. Razoukhrülü Curha

Young Indians Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Ms.Hüsatolü Neikha (Commerce)
(ii) Dr.Imlisunep Changkery (Economics)

Sports Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Dr.Kensibo Pamai (Zoology)
(ii) Dr.Opangtula Imsong (History)

IPR Co-Ordinator

Dr.Reingamla Tetso

Counselling Cell In-charge:

(i) Ms.Asenla Longchari (Bible Teacher)
(ii) Ms.I.Moainla Imsong (Girls Warden)

Model United Nations Faculty-in-charge:

Ms. Ruokoneino (Political Science)

Green Club Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Dr. Viheno Iralu
(ii) Mr. Huvezo Thingo (Environmental Science)

Career Guidance Cell Faculty-in-charge:

(i) Mr. Wetshete Thopi (Arts)
(ii) Dr. Utpal Mishra (Science)
(iii)Mr. Binod Chetry (Mathematics) (iV) Ms. Atosu (Commerce)
(ii) Mr. Zingrin A. Shishak (Music)

Patkai Journal of Multi-disciplinary Studies Faculty in-charge & Editor:

Dr. Zhoto Tunyi


1. Principal : Chairman
2. OSD
3. Accounts Officer


1. Dr.Sanjeeb Kumar: Convenor
2. Dr.Yanbeni Kikon: Co-convenor
1. Dr. Vivee Peseye (Music)
2. Dr. Rovizonuo Alexander (Economics)
3. Dr. Renchumi Kikon Kuotsu (Political Science)
4. Dr. Prem Kumar Singh (Botany)
5. Dr. Anal Chandra Sarma (Physics)
6. Dr. Wojanbeni Shitiri (Philosophy)
7. Dr. Timothy Langwangbe (Commerce)
8. Dr. Kowete-u Sekhamo (Geology)
9. Dr.T. Moainla Ao (Chemistry)
10. Dr. R. Achila (Zoology)
11. Dr. Phongshak Phom (English)
12. Dr. Dakter Esse (Mass Com)
13. Dr. Viheno Iralu (Environmental Science)
14. Dr. Zhoto Tunyi (Editor, Patkai Journal of Multi-disciplinary Studies)


1. Principal : Chairman
2. Vice-Principal
3. Controller of Examinations
4. System Analyst