Mr. A. G. Samuel

The office of the Controller of Examinations was established after the conferment of autonomous status to the College in 2004. Smooth conduct of examinations and timely declaration of results is one of the important activities of the Examination Section. The examination system should be fair, efficient, reliable and transparent. The Department strives hard towards these goals to achieve credibility. The College has taken several initiatives to ensure better standards and improve accuracy, efficiency and transparency in the various steps involved in the conduct and declaration of results of examinations.

Examination Committee

Mr. A. G. Samuel, CoE
Mr. Hüsazü Epao, Principal
Ms. Angel Sonari, Vice-Principal
Dr. Vivee Peseye, Academic Dean (Music)
Dr. R. Behera, Academic Dean, (Social Science)
Dr. Thepfuvilie Pieru, Academic Dean (Science)
Mr. Visazo Chase, Dean of Students’
Mr. Rallo Patton, Asstt. Professor
Mr. Uptal Misra, Asstt. Professor